IXOQI´ es “un camino”

IXOQI’, looking through the marketing of products made by women from the rural areas, to improve their conditions of life, and that they may actively participate in the process of development of their families and communities.


Ixoqi started in the year 1,999 with the initiative of a group of women, teaching courses itinerant weekends to groups of women of scarce resources in learning centers and private homes in the municipality of Tecpan Guatemala, later expanded in the municipality of Santa Apolonia. In the 2003 FUDI puso a disposición de IXOQI´ las instalaciones ubicadas en la aldea Vista Bella, Tecpán y con el apoyo del gobierno belga se acondicionaron para impartir los diferentes talleres y posteriormente instalar la sala de ventas.

How it works Ixoqi'?



Ixoqi teaches technical courses in different areas, mainly in textiles and food, these trainings include the area of business and human formation. Ixoqi looking for women to enter in the short term at the production process competing with high-quality products in the markets.

Currently Ixoqi trains about 800 women in the different modalities



In order to meet the standards of quality and safety currently has two floors of processes certified by the Ministry of Public Health for the production of food. Likewise Ixoqi has 12 solidarity groups organized for the production of handicrafts that respond to a market that demands quality products and original designs.

Association AMIXOQI'


The Association of women AMIXOQI, was founded in order to train, but mainly to ensure that the work and the appropriate conditions to contribute to the empowerment of the partner. Is a network of support among women.



Since its inception IXOQI’ has sought to channels of marketing for the products produced by the beneficiary for which you created IXOQI SA., whose main objective is to provide handmade products and high quality food, adapted to the trends and tastes of today.


In the language of the Kaqchiquel means Women. The base of this Project focuses on the fight against poverty in Guatemala through the empowerment of one of the most vulnerable sectors of society, as is the case of women.

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