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About us:

The Training Center for Working Women, IXOQI', is a comprehensive training organization that seeks to improve the quality of life of women, especially in rural areas.


"To be a benchmark in improving the quality of life of women, which allows them to transcend to achieve inclusion, equity and respect for the human person."


"Provide comprehensive technical, business and human training so that women, especially in rural areas, as agents of change, promote the sustainability of their families and the development of the community through empowerment, leadership and productivity."


In the language of the Kaqchiquel means Women. The base of this Project focuses on the fight against poverty in Guatemala through the empowerment of one of the most vulnerable sectors of society, as is the case of women.

Ixoqi´ began in 1999 with the initiative of a group of women, giving itinerant courses on weekends to groups of low-income women in educational centers and private homes in the municipality of Tecpán Guatemala, later it expanded in the municipality of Saint Apollonia. In 2003, FUDI made the facilities located in the village of Vista Bella, Tecpán available to IXOQI and, with the support of the Belgian government, they were conditioned to give the different workshops and later install the sales room.


Inició en el año 1,999 con la iniciativa de un grupo de mujeres, impartiendo cursos itinerantes los fines de semana a grupos de mujeres de escasos recursos en centros educativos y casas particulares en el municipio de Tecpán Guatemala, posteriormente se expandió en el municipio de Santa Apolonia. En el 2003 FUDI puso a disposición de IXOQI las instalaciones ubicadas en la aldea Vista Bella, Tecpán y con el apoyo del gobierno belga se acondicionaron para impartir los diferentes talleres y posteriormente instalar la sala de ventas.

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