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Through our nonprofit model, we strengthen women's communities by weaving savings and loan support, education, and market access into a program focused on financial independence to overcome poverty.


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For fifteen years, Mercado Global has transformed the lives of indigenous women and their families in rural Guatemala. We carefully design fashion accessories in partnership with our world-renowned artisans and retailers⁠⁠, empowering the women who weave our collections and inspiring the women who wear them. Together, we've worked to make the world of fashion more ethical, sustainable, and fair⁠—for all of us.

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Would you like to distribute our jams in your business and thereby contribute to generating income for our producers? Leave us your information and we will gladly contact you to provide you with more information about the different options to market our jams. We also have options so you can include them in your menu.

Corporate sponsorship program

It is a non-profit organization based in Guatemala. Our mission is to transform the lives of indigenous women through economic empowerment. We help women create beautiful knitted accessories and provide connection to the market. We offer savings and loan support, financial literacy education, family health and nutrition, and entrepreneurship training.

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